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Accreditation of Foreign Firms

A representative office, as one of the forms of a foreign company's presence on the Russian market, is being actively used by many foreign participants of foreign trade relations. This enables a foreign company to minimize its expenses and be represented on the Russian market, conduct marketing research, establish business contacts, analyze agreements and projects. A representative office secures a transparent presence of a foreign company in the Russian Federation. Closeness to a business partner, rapid reaction and the possibility to directly contact the company if there are any problems is an obligatory condition of a foreign company's successful operation on the Russian market. The North Chamber of Commerce and Industry issues permits for the activities of representative offices of foreign companies and institutions in the Russian Federation and accreditations in accordance with the law “On the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Russian Federation” (No. 5340-1 of July 7, 1993, paragraph 3, article 15). The issuing of permissions is the authorized function of the North Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Visa support

International  Department of the North Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides assistance in visa support  for foreigner citizens who arrives to Russia.

A foreigner citizen shall guarantee compliance with all the rules of foreign citizens' residence in the Russian Federation by an invited person and the payment of all expenses related to his/her residence, entry in and departure from the Russian Federation within a set deadline.
A one-entry visa on invitation is issued for a term of up to 90 days.